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About us

In the kitchen
  • L’essentiel *
  • Nineteen hole
  • Philippe Meyers *
  • Hotel le vieux cèdre
  • Connivence
  • La Malterie
  • Le Château du Mylord **
  • Connivence
  • La Malterie

Rafael, creative and generous, became passionate about gastronomy at a very young age. He developed a taste for cooking with his grandmother and his mother.

Aurélie, self-taught and generous, has been passionate about gastronomy since 2018, when Aurélie became the owner and head chef of the Connivence restaurant.

Aurélie and Rafael...
ASAR Gastro is first of all a beautiful, elegant place. Located in the magnificent Marina de Salinas, a place where Aurélie and Rafael have the pleasure of taking you on a journey.